Molecula REPs

Travel industry representation


Representation for DMCs & Hotels and Tourism offices

Representation, promotion and marketing services for:

  • Destination Management Companies (DMC)
  • Hotels
  • Venues
  • Tourism offices
  • Other travel providers


Channels of distribution

  • Business travel agencies
  • MICE agencies
  • Boutique travel agencies
  • Corporate clients
  • Concierge agencies
  • Event agencies
  • Tour operators

  • General increase of production from Russia during the first year of cooperation
  • Expanding the quantity of distribution channels by evaluation of existing channels and suggesting alternatives substitutions aimed for quality business
  • Maintain and grow the market share during the further years of cooperation
Marketing and Promotion services
  • Creating the marketing & promotion strategy, based on the key sales points of the product after the detailed familiarization with the product. Familiarization with the local market and with the main competitors
  • Determination of the product’s advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the competitors
  • Russian market research, creating and development of the sales platform (the list of the key accounts with the annual sales targets)
  • Working out and execution of the annual marketing plan (independent and joint activities with key players (MICE and Luxury Leisure agencies, direct corporate clients, event and concierge agencies)
Russia (Tatarstan, Volga region, Chechnya)
Ekaterina Dudareva
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Ekaterina Dzyubinskaya
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